Get the perfect fit with our sizing kit!

Not all nail beds are made equal! As with everything from our feet, to our bodies and our fingers, we each have different sizes. Save yourself money and disappointment by finding out your tailored nail sizes through ordering our sizing kit for just £1.99!

Once you find out your sizes, you know them for life and buying press-ons will be as easy as buying shoes, a brand new dress or rings. Select "custom sizes" when purchasing your preferred set and note down your sizes in the box.

Alternatively, if you do not know your sizes, some sets allow for a purchase of a full set 20 pieces with all 10 sizes in them. You can also order our pre-set sizes S,M,L or measure your nails at home. Visit our sizing page for further guidance and info.

Pink Long Coffin Press on nail. Press-ons.

Why Try Press-on Nails ?